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College Applications/Visits

College Visits

College Visit Form. Student grades, attendance, and discipline will be reviewed before the visit is approved. In order to be a school activity, visits must meet all three criteria:
1. The visit must be requested at least one week prior to the visit.
2. Documentation from the college must be in turned to the Attendance Office upon return to school.
3. Seniors gets three days for college visits. These days must be used prior to Spring Break.
You can access the College Visit Form below.​


Recommendation Letter

Complete this form to request a recommendation letter and give your counselor the information they need to write a top-notch recommendation for you. The more information you provide, the better your letter will be!

Transcript Request

Students can request their transcript online through ScribOrder. The first five transcripts will be sent for free, after the fifth transcript students will be charged $6.00 for each request. Request your transcript below. 

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